Read each question carefully and click the appropriate answer. Do not think too long about any single question. If you cannot decide how to answer a question, skip it, and return to it later. All questions must be answered.

Part 1 of 3

Which answer comes closer to describing how you usually feel or act?

1. Are you
easy to get to know
hard to get to know

2. In getting a job done, do you depend on
starting early, so as to finish with time to spare
the extra speed you develop at the last minute

3. Do you
talk easily to almost anyone for as long as you have to
find a lot to say only to certain people or under certain conditions

4. Would you rather be considered
a practical person
an ingenious person

5. If you were fundraising in your neighborhood for something like the Red Cross, would your calls turn out to be
brief and businesslike
sociable and friendly

6. Are you usually
a "good mixer"
rather quiet and reserved

7. When an unforeseen event forces you to set aside your day's program, do you
feel inconvenienced by a break in the program
welcome the unexpected diversion

8. In reading for pleasure, do you
enjoy odd or original ways of saying things
like writers to say exactly what they mean

9. Is it a higher compliment to be called
a person of real feeling
a consistently reasonable person

10. Do you tend to have
deep friendships with very few people
broad friendships with many different people

11. Do you more often let
your heart rule your head
your head rule your heart

12. Can you keep a conversation going indefinitely
only with people who share some interest of yours
with almost anyone

13. Does following a schedule
appeal to you
cramp you

14. When you start a big project that is due in a week, do you
take time to list the separate things to be done and the order of doing them
plunge in

15. In talking with friends, do you
sometimes tell them a personal thing in confidence
almost never tell anything you are not willing to have repeated

16. If you were a teacher, would you rather teach
fact-based courses
courses involving theory

17. Are you more likely to speak up in

18. Do you usually
show your feelings freely
keep your feelings to yourself

19. When it is settled well in advance that you will do a certain thing at a certain time, do you find it
nice to be able to plan accordingly
a little unpleasant to be tied down

20. Do you usually get along better with
imaginative people
realistic people

21. Do you feel it is a worse fault to be

22. When strangers notice you, does it
make you uncomfortable
not bother you at all

23. If you were considering a certain course of action, which of these two arguments in its favor would sound more attractive to you
people very much want you to do it
this is the most logical thing for you to do

24. Is it your habit to
confide in nobody, or at most in one person
have a number of friends you confide in

25. Do you prefer to
arrange dates, parties, etc, well in advance
be free to do whatever looks like fun when the time comes

26. Do you
rather prefer to do things at the last minute
find doing things at the last minute hard on the nerves

27. Do you
think that all the people you like know that you like them
admire some people for a long time, without letting them know it

28. In doing something that many other people do, does it appeal to you more to
do it in the accepted way
invent a way of your own

29. Do you consider it a greater shortcoming in a person
to have too much sentiment
not enough sentiment

30. When you are with a group of people, would you usually rather
join in the talk of the group
talk with one person at a time

31. Do you think that having a daily routine is
a comfortable way to get things done
painful even when necessary

32. In your way of living, do you prefer to be

33. Do you feel it is a worse fault
to show too much warmth
not to have enough warmth

34. Among your friends, are you
one of the last to hear what is going on
full of news about everybody

35. Do you usually
value sentiment more than logic
value logic more than sentiment

36. At social gatherings, do you
try to corner somebody you like to talk to
mix with the group

37. When you have a special job to do, do you like to
organize it carefully before you start
find out what is necessary as you go along

38. Would you be better off if
routine came more easily to you
variety came more easily to you

39. At parties, do you
sometimes get bored
always have fun

40. In your home life, when you come to the end of some undertaking, are you
clear as to what comes next and ready to tackle it
glad to relax until the next inspiration hits you